140-foot Asteroid heading for Earth, simply days after HORROR asteroid HITS planet, says NASA

140-foot Asteroid heading for Earth, simply days after HORROR asteroid HITS planet, says NASA
140-foot Asteroid heading for Earth, simply days after HORROR asteroid HITS planet, says NASA

Horrifyingly, an asteroid really hit Earth, NASA revealed. Now, NASA has alerted a few 140-foot-wide asteroid heading this manner.

Horrifyingly, simply hours earlier than an asteroid strike on Earth, NASA realised it was on a collision course with Earth and would hit for certain. The asteroid strike, on November 19, precipitated skies over southern Ontario, Canada, to gentle up brightly as astonished folks seemed on. The asteroid that hit Earth was named 2022 WJ1. Fortunately, it did not hurt anybody, however NASA scientists knowledgeable that it “streaked throughout the sky excessive in Earth’s environment, broke up, and certain scattered small meteorites over the southern shoreline of Lake Ontario.” Shocking truth? The asteroid was detected simply three and a half an hour earlier than influence. Purpose for the lucky ending was that this asteroid was roughly 1 meter (3 toes) broad. Now, a 140-foot asteroid is coming in direction of Earth, NASA reveals.

NASA is tasked with the job of monitoring all near-Earth objects reminiscent of asteroids and comets that might survive passage via Earth’s environment and pose risk to the Earth. NASA’s JPL watchboard informs in regards to the upcoming probably hazardous asteroids upfront. The subsequent scary asteroid is coming tomorrow and is travelling at a terrifying pace of 39204 km per hour. This asteroid is known as 2022 WO4 which measures 150 toes in diameter. NASA’s Asteroid Watch Dashboard information reveals that this asteroid will come as shut as 2.61 million miles to Erath. So, is it harmful for Earth?

NASA determines if any asteroid is a probably hazardous asteroid or not on the premise of its closest strategy, which ought to fall inside 4.6 million miles or 7.5 million kilometers of Earth and measures bigger than about 150 meters in dimension. Therefore, Asteroid 2022 WO4 is a possible risk to Earth. That’s the reason NASA is holding an energetic eye on this upcoming asteroid. The chance of this asteroid flying by are good and possibilities of it deviating anyplace nearer to Earth, just like the one which crashed a few days in the past, are negligible in the meanwhile.

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Are you aware, similar to this latest asteroid that was tracked simply earlier than hitting Earth, the primary such asteroid was found in 2008? It was asteroid 2008 TC3 which entered the environment over Sudan and broke up into tiny items. It was a 13-foot broad or 4-meter-wide asteroid that scattered all around the Nubian Desert into a whole bunch of small meteorites.

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